Don't explain

2008.12.11 16:16

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Don't Explain _ Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan with Herbie hancock

Hush now, don't explain
Just say you'll remain
I'm glad your back, don't explain

Quiet, don't explain
What is there to gain
Skip that lipstick
Don't explain

You know that I love you
And what love endures
All my thoughts of you
For I'm so completely yours

Cry to hear folks chatter
And I know you cheat
Right or wrong, don't matter
When you're with me, sweet

Hush now, don't explain
You're my joy and pain
My lifes yours love
Don't explain


가끔.. 아주 가끔..
Helen Merrill 이 부른 Don't Explain을 목요일날 틀곤했는데.
들을 때 마다 가사가 와 닿는게...잔잔하게 마음을...
어쩌면 가사와 멜로디가 이렇게 잘 어울리는지....

제가 제일 좋아하는 여가수 Lisa Hannigan과 Damien Rice의 보컬로
Herbie hancock의 앨범에 수록된 Don't Explain 입니다.

일도 하기싫고.....


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